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    Hey guys! I just recently joined the community, and this would be my first post. I have a question regarding Enamel paints, made by Testors. The ones that come in a 1/4 little bottle. I live in the US so some paints may be a little hard to get a hold of. What clear top coat should I use with it? and what do you recommend? I’m pretty novice when it comes to painting, and have only painted one kit. As seen in the attached pic. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! Also, I use a Air brush kit made by Testors (Testors Amazing Air Airbrush) for use with an compressed air/propellant canister instead of an air compressor.
    • I would suggest the Testors top coat. It is designed to work with their paint.

    • Oh okay. I’ve seen the cans for it, but hesitated because it said it’s a lacquer. But I’ll give a go. Thanks!

    • Enamels are pretty tough once fully cured, so a lacquer on top would be no problem as long as you don’t spray the first layer on too thick.
      Lacquers are the toughest of paints and dry and cure really fast.
      You could also spray an acrylic based clear on top of the enamels. This may be useful when planning on doing a panel wash made out of enamel paint on top of that. The acrylic top coat won’t be effected by the enamel thinning agent. Of course, this is also true for lacquers.
      Should you choose to use the Testors spray cans, I suggest de-canning them and spray it trough your airbrush. This way you can spray a lot more parts with the same amount of paint. You could search “The Ghost Of Zeon” on YouTube. He has a great tutorial on how to do this.
      Good luck and happy building

    • I see. Thank you for the info! I’ll bear everything in mind. I’m definitely going to check out Lacquer, and Acrylic and try them out. As I’ve only ever used Enamel. I went and sub to his channel on YouTube. Thanks again for all the info, it was really helful!

    • You’re welcome. Glad I could be of some help.
      Happy building!