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    not so much a build but more an attempt at a restoration/resurrection of a kit made back in 1987. gunna ditch the fibre optics and the awful silver paint
    • is it the AMT kit. I once built several,from their series for a friend and never finished tbe 1701D. Looing forward to yours.

    • yup its an old AMT kit. I’ve ripped out all the optics and having a go at making some replacement decals. the old halogen bulbs are definitely going in the bin, i have no idea how they didnt melt the kit or burn a house down. trying to drill out the windows but they are tiny, narrow and im only getting about 10 window to a snapped drill bit at the moment. one win is that i can thoroughly recommend oven cleaner as a paint stripper. it was great at ripping off the old enamel paint and leaving the plastic undamaged