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    well here’s the outside pics from the other post
    • You see the colorseparation a bit better, but I am sure its not the real truth. Especially with shiny finishes it is hard to catch it

    • the white gold highlights are hard to see with pictures too. i thought the kit was too garish with bright gold. also the blue tint silver on the piping and underframe doesnt really pop out in the photos…..ah well its been posted enough.
      onto the next kit, cant say that im enthusiastic.
      that was a fun build and i dont think there will be many others out there that peak my interest.

    • Another winner in the contest in my book.

    • Try Sinanju MG.

    • It is not that massive, but sure same in style. If you like complex mechanics in a build, you really should have a look at a HMM Zoid. The details of those Koto-kits always blow my mind.

    • the sinanju’s were sold out when i did my last order and the postage to Australia is horrendous. i was hoping for a re-release of the yamato 2199 kit but its been over a year and even with the new series nothings come up. maybe i can sneak another order when the missus is away. zoids are interesting but not really my thing but i have a bootleg astray bust that might peak my interest.

    • Candy mountaiiiiiiin!!

    • I like this alot. it looks very nice.