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    well got the hang of the airbrush now and my 3rd painted kit is finished. thinking i should have done this kit for the plamo comp but it’s not very original-
    • best i could do with buying metal parts

    • “without buying parts” i hate that i cant spell check my posts

    • Wooo nice job ! I like this colour !

    • cheers mate, i went through a 50 pack of plastic spoons testing to get the 3 different shades that the kit has

    • Just 50? Not 51? lol.

      It’s ver ka? You’ve done it justice. I’d change the metallic red to blue.

    • Really nice finish of one of the most awesome kits. With a Sazabi on the workbench you have to go all out. And people went crazy on it. It is still something that is not crossed ony todo list. I like your dark shiny interpretation of the red.

    • cheers guys. yup otaku its a ver ka (200+ fiddly decals)….. and it was over 50 spoons its just that i stopped counting after i used a whole pack.
      trying to mix auto and hobby paints had some issues. clogged airbrush and some of the thinners for the top coat ate the test decals.
      you cant really see the different reds so i’ll try for some outside photos once it stops raining

    • Auto paints can be on styrene. It must be primed first.