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    So far with GBFT I haven’t really enjoyed it because I wanted to see more of Sei, China, Reiji, Aila, Moah and the other previous characters. I mean its cool seeing so many new Gundams but am I the only one who wants to see more of Moah’s Crossbones or Fellini’s Fenice? Who else thinks its strange for Sei’s trophy to be showcased at school rather then his family’s store?

    • I’d love to see some of the series 1 characters show up in the international finals like Fellini or Niels Nielson plus what changes they’ve made to their models.

      I believe it was the “battle Club”that won the championships so, kind of like what current schools do with sports trophies, the school shows it off saying “hey look at how great OUR students are!”

    • Haha, as i commented in the first episode.
      Sei wasn’t part of school’s gunpla club, he said he has to help out at family shop and doesn’t have time for club (one of the early episode in GBF).
      So Sei put 11th’s tournament gunpla in his 7th tournament trophy. Even with that, he has to hide it inside a Dom.
      So far, we only seen Ral and Meijin in GBFT from GBF (China if including that short clip)

      In the end, it is not the same director.
      I liked how coupling characters works on GBF, not so in GBFT so far

    • i prefer try, thou you have to think of it a separete show thou.