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    My next project will the the French WWII battleship Richelieu.
    the model is from Trumpeter, and I’ll add to it Flyhawk extensive PE set, and wooden deck.

    Starting the model by building the hull. to save time, and have a strong base for masking later on, I used a dark red spray can to paint the lower hull.

    First I glued it to the upper hull, and then masked the upper hull, and sprayed the lower hull in dark red. All the rotor shafts were also glued along with the rudder.

    The masking tape was then removed and I glued the wood deck. Although the deck has already glue fixed to it, I prefered adding superglue to make the bond stronger.
    thanks for watching, I hope you’ll enjoy this blog :).

    • Do you sell any of your models or are they for your personal collection? I’m not really into ships but your models are awesome and was just wondering what it would take to get my hands on one.

    • Hi,
      Thank you very much, I did some comission work in the past, but mostly build as a hobby.
      I’m not sure what will happen to a ship model if sent by mail, it is much more delicate than AFV models whiich I usually sent?

    • You’re right about the shipping. It looks like you could breath on one and break something.

    • Not really the case since you used an actual wooden deck, but do you have any tips for painting/simulating wood? Cheers.

    • Hi,
      If you want to learn from the masters here is one:

      I don’t have too mush experience with painting wood deck but what I did is:
      paint the deck in Vallejo iraqui sand, then paint very thin strips with a fine brush, the strips are brown, dark brown, light san ETC. Then mix very small amout of oil color with mineral white spirits to create a filter, and brush it over the deck.

      Next do a bit of pin wash, should look like this in the end:

      Hope this helps,

    • Oh yeah, gonna give it a try. Thanks!
      Working on a 1/700 HMS Duke of York, was worried about that big wooden deck it has.