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    Question. Do any one know how to custom build parts for any Gundam kits? If so please let me know, if there is a video I will appreciate if you can link it.

    • Depends how custom, you can use existing parts and just make new combinations, say like mg nu gundam ver ka shoulders with hyaku shiki arms and hands from whatever that fits, if you built a few kits and have experience with how parts work try going to dalong dot net as that site has manuals for all the kits and a parts break down so if you consider going “Frankenstein” you could have a look other other kit’s manuals and go that way, little modding is required for this method, just general building experience and know which peg goes where…just gotta click around on that site since its korean and all.

      Youtuber vegeta8559 also has a few vids about various things in regards to resin work but that is kinda advanced and can be quite costly so be sure to have the right funds to do so.

      I’ll also add, from a simple paint job to a new creation, make up a plan, from a drawing to just a badly recolor of a mobile suit, a plan is needed, I learnt my mistake when I just went via impulse that’s for sure :c

      • I was thinking in redoing some armor pieces to what I would like them to look. I was thinking to make them clear colored and some custom weapons for my 1/100 SPALLOW. Plus I was thinking in doing a mesh up between My SPALLOW and a ASTRAEA.

        • :/ by clear colored do you want to see thru the piece?

          If that’s the case it’s not possible unless the piece was already clear, say like clear beam blade, clear paint can change their look but you can’t make another piece already clear, otherwise im not sure what you mean…

          Best guess is to head to dalong and see how the 2 are built and see which pieces fit, although heavy modding may be needed since I know the astraea is only a 1/100 no grade and the sparrow (I assume age 1 sparrow) is only in MG form which means a far more complex part set, if you got the 2 already could try clicking them together and see what works and what doesn’t with a bit of glue for what looks good but doesn’t fit if you are happy with it, but bare in mind Im no mod master I’m just going by general logic XD

          Custom weapons could be done a few different ways, you got the builders weapons which can turn a simple gattling gun into a few different options and maybe repaint those, gluing existing parts of guns onto a base weapon (say like a rifle with a bayonet at the end would be an idea) or finding a third party weapon set and just using that…maybe even some resin stuff?

          …Any mod experts with more experience to help?