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  • I’ve seen paper craft kits before, but not like this.

    Terada Mokei is a small paper craft model company that first got my attention at a souvenir shop at Tokyo Skytree. I had never heard of them, but their […]

  • A new Gundam Wing mobile suit kit makes an appearance: the HG Maganac!
    As a Gundam Wing fan — and a fan of the non-Gundam mechs in the show in particular — I’m pretty excited about this one. The WMS-03 Maganacs […]

  • Gunpla TV revs up this week with a look at two decidedly non-Gundam related kits! Todd has been busy preparing for the upcoming Shizuoka Hobby Show and shows off what he has built that will be on display there. […]

  • Mecha Gaikotsu dives into the AGE II Magnum in this two-part video series! Check out both his unboxing and review, right here.

    Pick up your own kit here:- 1/100 MG Gundam AGEII Magnum

    MG Gundam Age II […]

  • There’s nothing better than a huge, huge Gundam box arriving at your door. Well, the Ex-S/S has arrived here at HLJ to mine and Todd’s delight.

    (I know, I know — we’ve seen bigger, but it’s been a while.)

    I […]

    • Farid replied 1 week ago

      Hai can i ask, why it the blue runner seem like dull? or it just because of the lighting?

      • Anna replied 1 week ago

        I mentioned it in the post (but it’s easy to miss with all the photos), but yes, it’s just a lighting/camera issue! All the blue pieces disagreed with my camera, it seems. 🙁 They’re darker than they look in the photos!
        The photos with brownish backgrounds are the only ones this applies to!

    • Great but very expensive kit…
      p.s. Maybe someone knows where they disappeared from the sale of the Rick-Dom kit?

    • Anna replied 4 days ago

      There are some reused runners from the Ex-S.

  • The original World War Toons orange panther was the third entry in the Pink lineup, and came out in September 2018. It followed the pink Sherman and mint green KV-2, and is the first in the line to feature a […]

  • Gunpla TV takes a break from Gunpla this week to look at some stellar new Yamato 2202 items as well as the Megami Device Asra Archer Ouki! With the release of both the Chogokin Yamato 2202 and the Bandai Hobby […]

    • please complete all the MG for Gundam 00 season 1 and 2

    • sigh another week…….

    • GunplaTV: We’re family friendly. Now take a look at this model kit with big boobs. 8D

    • Thank you Megami Device very nice boobs.

    • Kotobukiya kits always looks so sharp, that Asra Aracher Ouki kit looks no different. Which reminds me, every time they make parts with pointy or blade like ends, they are sharp enough to pierce skin xD

    • Holy crap that Yamato looks amazing.

      I really enjoy the fact that they rescued the design of such an iconic ship into a sci-fi spaceship for an anime.

    • Phallic ship… phallic ship… does whatever a phallic ship does…

    • Okay but the megami device has a seriously awesome bow! The choice of the clear blue plastic was a very good one, rather than have it be all pink.

    • Dynames, Gouf Custom, Strike IWSP, Wing, Quant[T] Full Saber, F91 2.0, Psycho Zaku, ZZ, and Infinite Justice. All Master Grade, Which should I build next?

    • How good are those Megan device figures?

    • Only two band-aid this time! Alright Dave!

    • Damn, dat Yamato so hot!

    • ASRA Archer has her standard version (6), Aoi (6.1), Ouki (6.2), and Shadow. ASRA Archer Aoki is using Trans-Am.

      Differing parts on Ouki are the bust parts (larger ones than standard), the hairbow, the oni horn, and the hairpiece. The original’s faceplates also have whisker stripes instead of stars on her cheeks. Which one to get would depend on one’s tastes and the depths of one’s wallet, but as ASRA Archer is a favourite of mine I can certainly recommend her as a mecha musume with a well-balanced arsenal — in all respects of the term.

    • Megami Device and those…. assets…. Big guns, just like the Yamato 😛

    • Yamato display is really nice

    • Missing the Gunpla already. These kits are very nice for the mean time.

    • lights and sounds are always fun on any toy

    • I’m not really fan of battleships

    • Please, some more Gunpla on Gunpla TV, even if the Yamato comparison looks really cool.

      • Gunpla is always the priority, but there are some weeks when Bandai doesn’t release any

    • That Yamato ship is awsome. Wish Bandai would make a gundam kit with sound effects and moving parts.

    • Not really much to comment here, but a small question…

      I know it’s super unlikely and even if possible it would be a very limited run… But there are some great P-Bandai and Gundam Base exclusives that are exceptionally hard to get hold of outside Japan. Just recently, the Gundam Base YouTube channel had this adorable Haro that worked perfectly as a 1/144 head. Can’t see a single way to get it outside being in Japan. But you guys are in Japan… So…?

      Would it ever be possible or simply not at all cost effective or profitable from a business standpoint?

      • Good comment!
        It’s not about the cost, really — we know these are popular items that people want, and we want to sell them just as badly. The problem is that they’re exclusive items, which means Bandai doesn’t make them available to retailers like us. 🙁

    • Penetrates, enemy fleets,
      Long and hard, indescrete,
      LOOK OUT!
      Here comes the phallic ship.

    • What if you were to sell them “second hand” as individuals just using your site to host the sale…? Or would that be a legal grey area that would be too risky? Also, I may have screwed up my replies. Sorry if so. But thanks for the reply.

      • No trouble at all with the comments. 🙂
        I’ve rewritten this comment a bunch of times before posting, but the easiest thing to say is: I can’t say too much about how these things work, but I can say that I don’t know the legal issues/non-issues myself, and that if it were that simple, we would be selling them already. 🙁 Trust me, everyone in this office wants to sell them..!

    • I can just imagine the hours and batteries that I would waste away just playing with that Chogokin Yamato all day.

    • Curses. But again, thank you for the reply. I hope you can find a way someday. And again, if this isn’t a reply… I have no idea why. I keep clicking reply and it ends up looking like a whole new comment at my end… 🤨

    • Man what a surprise, i did not expect Carrot Top to show up as a special guest this week
      Either way, i love the electronic gimmicks on the chogokin yamato, they make it look a lot more appealing than the model kit

    • Can’t wait for more Gunpla, even though the Yamoto’s were surprisingly interesting.. 🙂

    • Has anyone ever seen David with his fingers undamaged?)

    • Todd seemed extra excitable with this week’s episode. Perhaps it’s the oppai on the Megami Device model kit?

    • I usually don’t care about lightning or sound effects. But man, in this case they are really cool.

    • This looks cool and a fun build to do

    • I need to get one of those Yamato kits.

    • She has a very cute face and nice chest but a weird neck

    • The Asra archer looks awesome, but dam it is expensive, definitely going to need that store credit for it.

    • That megami have huge titties, sorry guys have to say it. lol
      Cannot wait for the review of HGAC MAGANAC.

    • I never was interested in the battleship lineup before, but looking at the review, it makes me want to get one of those

    • Great episode, looking forward to the Shizuoka coverage.

    • Megami’s breasts creep me out, the rest is kinda cool!

    • I now want an Amaro Ray where his crotch is disproportionately bigger than the rest of his body. Cause we know that’s the biggest most important thing

    • Those Yamato Kits are most impressive!

    • I haven’t got any of the Megami Device kits just need to find one I like. What is Bandai thinking when it comes to releasing P-Bandai lately? The AoZ MG Hazels and now the MG Gundam F90 which is a new kit should have made the base kits regular releases at least and the optional parts I’d be ok with some being P-Bandai.

    • i love the Yamato, and that chogokin looks amazing

    • HUGE

    • I think it would be cheaper to buy the kit and building all that extra stuff in. Plus you can put the on /off button on a better location.

    • Another awesome review of Battleship Yamato. Thanks

    • I really need to pick up one of those Megami devices!

    • great show guys! cant w8 to see the 1/144 HGCE DESTINY GUNDAM review

    • Its Easter so its time for a long weekend of eating chocolate eggs and building Gunpla.

    • Waiting for the new Wing HG line!

    • Man, that is big. I mean the Chogokin Yamato not the other one if you know what I mean. LoL..

    • I always liked archers

    • The controller with that Yamato is really a nice touch

    • That Yamato looks amazing
      Excellent video as usual, keep up the good work guys!

    • this is one skinny weird girl

    • Really wish more Gunpla had OOB lighting gimmicks like a lot of those ships :/

  • Today we’re cracking open CharaAni’s incredible figure of Izuku Midoriya from “My Hero Academia”! The figure features a dynamic pose with equally great painting to bring out the best in each detail of the sculpt. […]

  • The original World War Toons mint green KV-2 was the second entry in the Pink lineup, and came out in July 2018. It followed the adorable pink Sherman, this time featuring bear crew artwork on the cover ( […]

  • After finishing up the Perfect Grade OO Gundam Seven Swords, Todd finally turns his attention to the brand new Master Grade Dynames! Gundam fans have been waiting for a real Master Grade kit of the Dynames for […]

    • I need this in my life!

    • the cockpit was a nice touch

    • So close to being first comment, just missed it!
      But the knee missiles, really cool part of the gundam… who wouldn’t want to shoot missiles out of their knees…

    • Finally, a review of one of the Master Grade I’ve been waiting. Hopefully, Todd will do a review on the Master grade Gundam Age Magnum too.

    • Happy to see fan favs get the love they deserve

    • Love the light-up feature, always appreciate gimmicks like that! Dynames is so cool, Lockon Stratos for life!

    • 2nd season of gundam 00 mg please

    • Love the mg Gundam 00 hope they make the rest of the Gundam 00 suits like the Gundam thrones especially the Throne Zwei

    • Very nice MG kit, specially on sniper position! Love Dave’s watch too!

    • It looks pretty cool in the sniper position.

    • I picked up the HG Sinanju Stein and I’ve gotta say I’m pretty impressed. Very stable. Almost more of a middle ground between HG and MG. Dynames is looking pretty fantastic as well. Gonna have to pick one up in the future.

    • ‘Big parts’: We all know what Todd means 🙂

    • Dynames seems like a really nice kit hoping they release the other 2 we are missing from the series.

    • Why do i even bother anymore. I miss Syd.

    • Looking forward to the Yamato 2202 comparison review…

    • Are we going to get a PG Dynames next?!

    • The holographic looking bendy parts look really cool! Haven’t seen those before on any other kits

    • That Dynames looks great! Next week’s build looks to be very interesting, to say the least.

    • It’s never a bad day when Bandai releases a new MG. The Dynames looks fantastic 🙂

    • Dynames is fantastically-engineered.
      I see you eyeing Archer Ouki’s ‘large parts,’ Todd, but I think we all know the HG Neo Zeong has pretty much everything else beat for size. I dare you to imagine a PG Neo Zeong.

    • I need the kit just for how cool the gun looks

    • I can’t wait to get my Dynames! I hope to get it by the end of this week.

    • Have you taken a look at those funky Rocket Models sci-fi armor kits on the show? I want to say you have, but I can’t remember for certain…

    • MG Gundam Dynames was one of my most anticipated kits for the year looking forward to getting it eventually. Curious to see the MG Age 2 Magnum while waiting on the MG Gundam Alex 2.0. Though I wished the Zaku Kai was a MG instead of an RE 1/100. I wonder if a MG Zaku 2 2.0 frame can be modified to fit the Zaku Kai’s armor?

    • fingers crossed for a MG nadleeh that’s just as amazing as this dynames

    • Dynames is just too gorgeous

    • Looking forward to Space Battleships Yamato comparison episode. Thank you.
      Never tired of seeing MG Dynames again. Hope I can build and feel it someday.

    • Great episode, looking forward to that comparison next week Todd, plus Dave’s build as well 😁…I see that poor Psyduck made it in from Toy Tengoku, poor thing 😔…oh well, good job as always gentlemen 😉👍

    • Great~! Thank you ^_^

    • There were Pokemon Gunpla or PlaMo collection made by Bandai, some have small box and also bigger box. I saw Dragonite and Kyurem kits on Stock

    • I love it when you show us how master grades look like!

    • I’m happy my comment got read but I would have liked to win. Happy Gundam day everyone!

    • Cool new Yamato stuff! I hope there will be also new Master Grade versions of the Gundam Seed series, any time soon.

    • That Dynames is put together very well! It has a lot of flexibility options and that shield is awsome!
      Happay Gundam anniversary btw 🙂

    • That LED effect is weak, and I don’t like the green plastic color either… The shield is childish too.. well, more money for other kits! 😀

    • Is it really a “backpack” or are those just Butt Thrusters? Ventral Verniers? Buttock Boosters?

      Gotta agree with the call for Gundam Boys. Who doesn’t want to see Chars Red Comet tightly packaged in a mono-eyed Posing Pouch? Equality in objectified characters.

    • Dynames!!!!! Hope i can have it :X

    • With the release of MG GN-002 Gundam Dynames, it would be nice if Bandai would make an MG 2.0 for GN-001 Gundam Exia, GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser, and GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]; along with of course their variations in between releases of (hopefully) the other MG 00 kits. I think Mobile Suit Gundam 00 fans have waited long enough for Bandai to bring more MGs. Maybe we will see more RG 00 kits.

    • Such a solid looking kit.

    • i can win this time, i can

    • A bit sad that the GN drive doesn’t shine from the back and only the chest
      But nonetheless its really rare for bandai to listen to their fans and actually make dynames a 2.0

    • great review guys!! the MG dynames looks very cool. lots of gajets

    • Bandai needs more mg kits of gundam 00.

    • Quite a great kit and a very nice review too, keep up the good work guys!

    • The MG Dynames looks great. There seems to be a increase in MG’s being released.

    • Farid replied 2 weeks ago

      MG Dynames is really a solid kit man, seriously u can really make him do a lot of pose and it can handle it smoothly.

    • Bors replied 2 weeks ago

      Same boat as Todd, when I think about it. Should build something different from Gunpla for a bit.

    • Yes, 1/1000 space battleship Yamato 2202 review.

    • I like gundam, I like bananas too

    • If I get a 2000 yen coupon, I’ll definitely take MG Dynames for myself. I just don’t have any money for delivery :

    • KiAtZ replied 2 weeks ago

      Worst review I have ever seen with no respect to the kit at all. Having the psyduck appearing is no fun for a viewer. Incorrect pronunciation of the Gunpla. Not knowing the name of the pilot. Pulling out the beam saber is done incorrectly. There is no review of the head cam feature. No pointing out that the missile are not color separated. The cockpit design with the targeting design was not given a good credit and the little haro in the cockpit was not highlighted. Like the rest of the comments, the kit requires 2 led lights to light up both side.
      What’s happening to GunplaTV, I don’t feel that the show has any heart of reviewing Gunpla currently.

    • in two weeks we will have a spaceship Yamato ship girl.

      Im suprised it hasnt happened already really

    • Another awesome review of gundam. Thanks.

    • I’m not really big on the OO designs, but this Dynames looks really cool.

    • The am loving how the Dynames turned out, I was on the fence at first but now it has become an instant buy for me.

    • Can’t wait for the review of the yamato and the megami device kit

    • Looks amazing! You and mechagaikotsu’s review has put this up towards the top of my gunpla wishlist.

    • The aroma of Gunpla make an aromatic eua da cologne, combining the scent of Tamiya cement with that of fresh Gundam manual to produce a perfume that is the fragrant evocation of Mecha for our olfactory senses.

    • dat mg dynames looking real fine

    • somehow he look so fat or way too buff on the preview picture from the video. LOL

    • I saw a review of Dynames, it was good so I got it a week ago I hear that they might release an MG Kyrios and Virtue hope it true.

  • The original World War Toons pink M4A1 Sherman was released in May of 2018. It was the first entry in the Pinky line of World War Toons model kits from Meng, meaning it was the first to feature cute box art and […]

  • The Pokemon Plamo Collection Ho-Oh, Charizard & Ash’s Pikachu Set was released in July 2017 to commemorate “Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!” With this kit, you get three Pokemon to build as the title suggests, […]

  • Today on Toy Tengoku we see how much punishment Pokémon can take. This episode involves drones, fire, cars, and even an authentic Japanese katana sword. So let the chaos commence as we smash a whole pack of […]

  • MetalGunplabuilt and Profile picture of The ToddThe Todd are now friends 3 weeks ago

  • Anna posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Unfortunately, yes — we clear them out as we find them, though. If you have messages like this from any users that are still active on the site, could you let me know the username?
    • Get another take on the Narrative Gundam C-Packs kit with Mecha Gaikotsu’s unboxing and review videos! (Be sure to check out our unboxing photo post & Gunpla TV’s review, too!) And if you’re sold on this new […]

    • Mecha Gaikotsu takes on the impressive MG Dynames in a two-part video series! Admire this beautiful new release with us, and pick up your own here:- 1/100 MG Gundam Dynames

      1/100 MG Gundam […]

    • Meijin the 5th posted an update in the group Group logo of Q/A & Help GroupQ/A & Help Group 3 weeks, 1 day ago

      I have a question, so I was planning to kitbash the OO with Amazing Strike Freedom’s wings, however the peg doesn’t fit into OO’s port, does anybody know which kit has the adaptor for it.

      Thank you.

    • Seven Sworrrrd! It’s here! It’s finally done! Todd has finally gotten around to finishing the PG OO Gundam Seven Sword /G! In addition to the PG, this week Dave joins once again for a look at the Gundam Build Di […]

      • maybe gundam 00 seven sword is tired thats why he wants to sleep 😂😂😂😂

      • Those GN Katars look great in 1/60 scale!

      • It was weird having a sticker for the eyes, but the lights look amazing.

      • You can almost hear the OO yelling “Goodbye cruel world!” at the end.

      • Seven Swords Seven Strikes !!!!

      • That surface detail is off the charts

      • That PG Seven Sword is a thing of beauty! Ayame’s cute too! 😀

      • PG 7 Swords … PANZAAAAIIII

      • I mean why stop at seven sword? Why not 314 sword?????

      • If you can’t make a girl like you, you can always just make a girl…or multiple… with plastic models 😀 ……….I think I might need therapy and to meet more people.

      • Thank you ^_^

      • That Seven sword falling was both, hilarious and painful. Love that Dave’s first thing out of his mouth is that he is not cutting that lol

      • Seeing that beautiful kit fall was painful, specially in slow cam. But oh my god Todd’s reaction. Funny as hell.

      • Hmm… shouldn’t we at least have someone on Gunpla TV that has enough interest in the source material to present the Gunpla kits with a more informed perspective? I can’t be the only one slightly disheartened by that.
        I’m very disappointed, Todd has a reputation for failing to finish building oversized kits to uphold! Okay, at least it lost the will to live, hahah!
        I personally feel you guys didn’t really give the Ayame kit enough credit, she’s nowhere near as expensive as you were making her out to be, and works out about the same as a Kotobukiya kit would be with her quantity of parts. I will certainly be happy to receive her.

        • I agree that it would be nice to have someone that is more knowledgeable and more into the source material. But these guys are running a business so you can’t expect them to know everything about every product or be into it all.
          However, I will say that back when Syd and Ryan were hosting HLJ TV, it felt more like they were really into GunPla and knew more about it.
          But Todd is doing a good job.

      • Finally got all the stuff I wanted in my private warehouse, shipping is paid. Now to wait for it to be shipped to me.

      • Can’t wait for a whole gundam to be made entirely of swords

      • Did you actually break the belly section of the 7 sword and he is now stuck leaning to one side?
        Well, it broke itself when it fell.

        Four months of work gone in four hours.

      • I thought that only my grandchildren would see how Tod would finish collecting pg seven swords. However, Tod finally decided to finish it, with which I congratulate him! : D

      • * finish to build (I apologize for my curve google translator)

      • Anna has been lvl 75 for a while now please raise ur level!

      • The real question about that Ayame is what color are you painting that extra bum?

      • Help I’m fallen and I can’t get up!!!

      • Seeing the 7 swords falling was probably the saddest and funniest thing in a while, let’s just hope he finds rests wherever he goes

      • Great Work, Todd!

      • needs more swords!

      • I’m impressed at how big those gumpla actually are.

      • The PG is as impressive as ever, the spinning GN Drive looks amazing but he noise they make would make me not want turn them on at all.
        As for Ayame i think its a good looking kit but the extra full torso and head makes the price of the kit a lot highter than it should be, i think the price should be something like 1200-1400 jen if they did cut out all that extra stuff.
        ps. Got to love the start of the comment section on this episode xD

      • Nice PG and nice swords!

      • cool stuff as always. that seven swords is so damn enticing

      • Ayame is their new lineup its not an HG but figure rise and its really detailed
        Can’t wait for the Age magnum 2 review

      • The stand for the 00 Seven Sword’s sword isn’t the action base 1, but rather it’s a clear version of the special stand that originally came with the MG Fenice Rinascita and comes with a few other kits. Bandai doesn’t sell that stand on it’s own and I wish they did.

      • Could you please include Soul of Chogokin GX-86 Space Battleship Yamato 2202 in the upcoming episodes?
        If were Ayame in school uniform RL version I’ll definitely buy it.

      • With this faces and neat proportions Ayame looks superior to other gundqm themed figure-rise kits. Pretty nice

      • Ayame, the only reason I continued to watched Gundam Build Divers.

      • Build Fighters, Divers etc are great because they discard the usual War Is Hell narrative in favour of a Giant Robots Fighting Is Awesome narrative.

        Nice to see the Seven Sword finished. I didn’t know I needed a Perfect Grade in my life until now. Or a Ninja Waifu kit…

        You need to pose the legs better to avoid falls. Poor Seven Sword. Sad.

      • Those lights are seriously sweet! Kinda blew my mind a little haha

      • It seems like PG GN-0000GNHW/7SG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G had enough of Todd and needed a nap. LOL
        I think that Bandai should make an Action Base designed for Perfect Grades instead of including it with only a few kits.

        Also, with the release of MG GN-002 Gundam Dynames, do you think Bandai will make an MG 2.0 for the GN-001 Gundam Exia, GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser, GNT-0000 00 Qan[T], etc? I hope so. Also, do you think we’ll be seeing the rest of the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Gundams as an MG and RG release?

      • Finally got RG Sazabi and Full Armor Unicorn and OMG I knew the boxes were big but damn. I was not expecting an MG box essentially for both of them.

      • I am not the type of guy to complain about the gunpla girls but I’d like to see a few gunpla boys to build as well. Like Char or some other main characters.

      • The Ayame looks pretty good.

      • I don’t feel the passion of you guys while filming this review. I understand that this may only be a job and it would be too much to consume all these fictional stories and mention facts accordingly, but I think it would not takes too much time to learn the manuals so that you review correctly (in this episode the 00 weapons were shown in wrong configurations). This way the video would then be actually an interesting review, and you guys would then rely less on the giveaway for potential customers. This is just my professional advice (hopefully) so don’t take anything personal. Good luck in everything!

        • You need to realize that even if they’re passionate about it, they have to give off a sense of professionalism as much as they can. They’re running a business after all.

          Anyway, I agree that it would be nice if they could inform themselves a bit more before talking about the products. But you can’t expect them to know every detail about everything. They have a lot of things to manage.

      • What will the next PG be for this or next year? People free to guess what you want it to be release. It will be interesting if Bandai release PG Barbatos season 1.

      • I am here..! To ‘protecc’ Ayame’s smile.

      • Diver Ayame looks better than what i was expecting, might need to get my hands on one

      • Don’t know how to express the mix of laughter and pain I felt when the PG fell

      • I’m wondering if when Bandai will be releasing PG 00Qan[T] (if) it will be based on PG 00 or PG Exia. PG 00 doesn’t look as good as Exia.

        • I’m sure eventually we will see a PG GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] and it’s likely to be a new mold unless they can reuse some parts of the PG GN-001 Gundam Exia; at least the internal frame here and there. Give it time.

      • You can never get tired of seeing the 00 and the millions of variants

      • Another awesome review of Gundam. He fell down though. Thanks.

      • PM replied 3 weeks ago

        this time i will win the money

      • PM replied 3 weeks ago

        this time i will win the money

      • I hope the new gundam destiny and its heine version will get a review. Is contemplating whether to buy another destiny gundam just for a new wing or a recolor version.

        • I’m sure they’ll at least talk about it? I think it’s cool that the 2 HGCE versions are getting a retail release and not a P-Bandai. However, this leads me to wonder if they’ll do the same for an eventual MG 2.0 version. I doubt it though. The standard I think will get a retail release I think w/ probably the Heine version getting a P-Bandai release. The ‘Wings of Light’ will probably be another P-Bandai add on set. >_<

      • That PG was like “Ayame gets water slide decals and I don’t? Goodbye cruel world.”

      • SCDSS replied 3 weeks ago

        i’m currently waiting for a Dynames but i don’t know if I should order a Magnum too.

      • the PG OO looks very cool. great show guys

      • What TV show or film is best to have on in the background while building the Seven Swords?

      • Finally a PG!

      • I feel challenged to build a PG – Even though i have a feeling i would break something on it 🙂 Both kits are badass!

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