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    Here is my First WIP, entering in a UC RGZ-95C ReZEL TYPE-C. I chose the ReZEL because I love the way it looks and it comes with 2 awesome looking back packs. Hope you guys like it. I’ll be using HIQ 1.2mm Steel Balls for the Dermals, Liquitex Brilliant Purple, along with Valspar Flat Black, Flat White, & Metallic Silver.

    • Are you allowed to do entries in two different groups? Either way, I’m excited to see how this goes, though it sounds rather intermediate-ish.

      • You aren’t allowed to actually do so. He may just be doing this for fun, since he won’t be able to submit it (besides, he’s no beginner, lol).

        • I feel that this will be awesome. I don’t think he’s a beginner, look at all his stuff. 😀 And the middle bottom image, is that a drill??

    • Wait! You’re not allowed to enter in Two Groups?? I shoulda read the fine print… LOL and I was trying to hold back on this one too. Yes its a drill. I’ll keep this one in for fun then and keep the WIP entries anyway just so everyone can check it out. [Beginner Entree: Removed] Hope you guys like it anyway.

      • No worries, man. I’d love to see what you’d do with it! 😀