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    Kinda surprised some people didnt like the RE 1/100 mk III. Depsite the line not being of MG quality i thought the mk III looked great. I will be adding it to my list along with the upcoming gp04. The way i see it if they arent getting an MG, might as well get the next best thing in that repsective scale.

    • I am not a fan of MKIII but the amount of details on the RE kits are beyond the normal hg kits they look like a MG but have the simplicity of a HG and the price is pretty sweet as well.

    • honestly, i would like to see re 1/100 distinguished as a model line that is used for the more unusual/exotic mobile suits/armors that simply aren’t practical as candidates for mg production (such as is the case with the nightingale). Using re 1/100 as a fill-in substitute for fairly standard/typical suits (such as the mkiii) feels like the equivalent of bandai handing out runner-up prizes for those mobile suits that simply don’t have as much of a popularity base as others; “yeah, we’re not going to bother w/ making an mg for you, but here! you can be in the re 1/100 line so everyone can sort of imagine what it would’ve been like if we had made an mg for you!” meh, kinda a disappointing way to use the re 1/100 line when i think about it… i really hope that’s not what it turns into.