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    Final Submission done.
    I wanted to make a comment on the color bits around my kit. I painted the kit fuel drums on bright colors to represent those were civilian drums they had no time to paint, similar happens with the green boxes and wheels, those would be spare parts still in their original factory color. The red storage box on the right side of the turret is something I have seen in photos, were the crew paints part of the tank to represent the Red-White-Green of the Syrian flag, I thought it was really interesting and really wanted to show it on my kit.
    That’s it, hope you guys find the setup interesting, cheers and best of luck!
    • The photos were taken using my cellphone camera, with the kit resting over a bended white sheet of paper, I used my desk light for illumination.

    • That looks ace man!!

    • @muffinlove Thanks! Glad you like it.

    • Same photo setup here lol.

      Looks great.

    • Dude, you posted this in intermediate? I’m no expert, but this looks like a professional job! Nicely done!

    • Thanks! Really happy with the way it turned out.
      Being a 1/72 kit it is rather small (hull is about 95mm long) and I wouldn’t be able to put the level of detail on it for me to be confident for the advanced category. I would definitely consider trying doing diorama, or maybe a 1/35 kit next time, although I have never done one.