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  • dscrimager posted an update in the group Group logo of Advanced Modeler - Modeling Competition 2017Advanced Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017 2 years, 7 months ago

    Hi Everyone!
    Starting out a diorama with the much maligned Guntank!
    Diorama will be a cityscape where the guntank has taken a Zeon checkpoint. The Guntank is rolling over a part of a Magella. Not shown yet will be a part of a Zaku leg lying in the foreground and a crashed wappa.
    Scratch built city details like street, sidewalk, bus stop, etc.
    • i love the detail on that gun tank from origin. it really lends well to the realistic feel of the whole diorama.

    • Yeah it’ll be a challenge to bring it all out. I’m replacing some of it and hiding some with removable skirts but I may leave a panel or two off to show off the tread work that I plan.

    • The Origin HG kits are some of the best in their category and they are all CE timeline to boot. They have a feel of ‘common place’ military mecha of the future, just like tanks and aircraft are common place today.

      The anime is also great and is up there with ‘8th Team’ and ‘War in a Pocket,’ as regards down-to-earth military animation shows. Combined they make a excellent resource for diorama and modeling inspiration.

    • P.S. I can’t wait to see this diorama come together.