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    Paint Question, What would you recommend for a shiny silver finish as seen on Gundam Astray Red Frame’s swords? Nothing I can find out there produces a finish that is almost mirror like. Please advise

    • That is mirror finish chrome not silver. There are many like Alcad II or if you really want that chrome, try a Japanese brand (I can’t remember the brand) or MGM chrome powder (Taiwan), only chrome powder can such effect and of course it cannot be seal with clear coat.

      If you are from America, this will not be a problem as there is number of company do that service with a fees.

      Cheers 🙂

    • I found that if you are careful painting chrome silver, you can get a close reflection effect on parts. Also, like Kuroneko said you can always use paint or pigment that was specifically meant for a mirror-like reflection.

    • Ive had pretty good success using alclad II chrome sprayed over a coat of gloss enamel. As far as chrome powders, I’ve heard good things about kosutte gin-san, although its a bit difficult to find.

      • thanks guys, I don’t have an airbrush in my possession, so I will have to think of something else. I am currently using rattle cans. Another question, if I want to dry brush to creating weathering, where in the painting/top coat stage do I do so and then what topcoat do I apply if any?

        • Any topcoat will do. And that’s depend on what final result you. Dull metal color, flat coat. Shiny ‘bling bling’ metal finish, gloss.

          If you using rattle can, you might take a look into commercial rattle can paint. If I’m not wrong, there is Chrome in a can, but best is do a resin primer first to prevent the color eating through color and into your plastic. Cheers 🙂