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    Basic idea of what ive been bouncing around as a paint scheme on my nu. the coloring program is kinda limited but its a good general guide for the colors. The blue will become pink. the yellow will become silver and the off white will become a green similar to the green psycho from inside the nu ver ka. lemme know what u folks think.
    • Do you plan to make the psychoframe light up? I think this color combination will look really great!

    • i do plan to use white LED’s to illuminate the psychoframe panels. the white seems to make the green plastic look better than green LEDs that ive tried so far. ive done some experimenting and ive got some good plans for this build.

    • reminds me of the karaba colors that lupes did lol looks nice though

    • It will be a very original scheme. if it works out anything like your sazabi ver ka. it will be a very impresive model.