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    Im so close to finishing the paint and assembly on these shoulders. I really am shocked at all the movement in the shoulders, although it really extended the painting time on these pieces. I hope to have them ready for a clear coat and water slides by the end of this session
    • Is coming together nicely. Are you doing anything with the yellow pieces inside the thrusters?

    • Look really nice! The finish looks great… For the clear coat are you going to apply a gloss coat before the decals? And then a flat coat after?

    • should do the gloss coat before decalling or you will get silvering and will looks bad..BTW nice colour selection..cant wait to see the final result

    • Still loving that colour selection. I could look at that paint work all day.

    • All the yellow parts (thrusters ect.) have been done in metallic silver, with black accent and detail work.

    • clear gloss once the paint is dry, then water slides, then gloss coat again. I decided on a gloss final coat on this kit.

    • Thnx for the compliment on the colors. My girlfriend worked for a long time trying to figure out a wild color scheme and she really did pick a winner it seems.

    • Thnx for the kind words 🙂 considering its hand painted it usually takes all day to get it to look this good