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    Does anybody know how to sharpen, maintain and clean side cutters. I have Tamiya Side cutters and I don’t wanna keep buying them.

    • I don’t think this is doable. Simply because when you sharpen them, you’d remove the damaged edge and bit by bit you’ll end up with cutters that don’t close all the way. There’s no other way of sharpening them without taking a bit of the edge off. What do you use them for? They should last you a long time if you’re only cutting GunPla, that is if you’re not building 10 kits a week. Also, which cutters are you using? I’ve heard great things about the more expensive ones but the cheap ones are more like a “last resort” kind of thing to any serious model builder. Have you gave it a thought to switch to fine wire cutters? Not being a “hobby tool” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.