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    This is what I’m currently working on. It’s base is a Gundam Ez-SR kit. I’ve added weapons from some weapons kits and the hands from a different Gundam kit. I was a little disappointed because the weapons did not fit the hands that came with the kit (Gundam Build Fighters line). This is despite the fact that they are advertised as being designed to work together.
    My next steps are to paint the weapons, print some decals for it, add them to the model, and then clear coat it. I might change my mind and paint the entire model. If I do, I will have to think hard about the colors I want to paint it. I want something that will show the decals I will be printing, and I can’t print white decals.
    • looks great! 🙂 lore-wise does the machine have some kind of EXAM system? or is it more focused on artillery and firepower? sorry, its just something I like to do to give custom gunpla like the ones I make interesting in both appearance and lore related weapons if it were an actual mobile suit. 😀 anyways hope it comes out great!

    • I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what an EXAM system is. I just did it because I thought it would look cool.

    • An EXÀM system is and was a counter measure that mechanized newtype abilities into a mobile suit allowing normal pilots to face off against newtypes, its ok if you made this for a cool lookin set. Like I said I just like giving any custom made gunpla that extra bit of flavor that, in a sense, makes it seem stronger 🙂