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    I completed my first Master Grade Gundam kit, the Freedom Gundam. I enjoyed building it. But, I’m not happy with the final model. It just doesn’t have enough detail. When I compare it with less expensive kits (like the Real Grade and High Grade lines), it just seems lacking. Part of this may have to do with the age of the kit (it came out over 10 years ago). It may also be the design.
    I’ve got another Master Grade kit (Strike Rouge). I’m hoping it looks better when completed. Due to their space requirements, I may not get many more Master Grade kits. The ones that are 1/144 scale better fit the space I have to display model kits.
    • The age of a kit does make a difference. 10 years ago, that kit would have looked great compared to it’s HG version. I think there is a new version of it, though I wouldn’t quote me on that as I dislike anything SEED related, as they release WAY to many SEED kits.

      A good example of the age of a kit effecting the overall detail, is to look at the MG releases of the RX-78. The first releases(1.0) look and even feel much different from the 2.0 version, and as such that pales when compared to the 3.0 version.

      However the older kits are cheaper in price, and are less complicated to build then later releases, which makes them better suited to newer or less confident modelers, as well as making them prime for large scale customization(in other words making something completely new out of it) due to their low price.

    • That’s awesome to see someone else’s same kit! I just finished building a freedom as well but never posted any pictures. Honestly I thought the age of the kit would be a problem, but I had a lot of fun with it and thought it was really well done for its age

    • The freedom is my all time fav MS. I do agree with you about the details are lacking. But when it came out it would have been great. I got a 1/60 NG ver, that has very similar level of detail. But in the size I prefer plus a bit of paint helps. But they do lack in comparison to the RG line. But I fined the best version of the Freedom is the metal build. It’s a few years old and expensive , but it has more detail and looks more realistic. I hope they do a 2.0 ver, or a PG would be amazing. not going to happen sadly:(