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    I am basically a MG lover, but decided that in my collection must be at least one SD. I have been building for a friend SD Kshatriya and was a little disappointed.
    The newest SD from 00 and Unicorn simplified in terms of mobility and color separation. I found out that the models from 2005-2006 (mainly seed series) in my opinion made ​​much better. Set includes a full HG polycap set and is used almost entirely. And mobility is just great especially in the hands – is an advanced shoulder joint and elbow joint, which the new SD do not have. Instead, theу use stupid spherical polycaps that often pop up and move and do not look particularly good. So I chose Blaze Zaku Phantom model from seed and very happy with it.
    P.S: Of course I’m going to fill all gaps (which is still less than the newest SD) and paint it.

    Blaze Zaku Phantom
    • Mmm, I can see your observation with the trend of SD model kits. Yes, the SD articulation nowadays seems to be very limited to just using polycaps that easily pop up. But what lacks in articulation makes up with generous proportion the models have. SD kits today are much bigger and more elaborated than the previous generation.

      I haven’t tried any of the SEED series yet, but I’m glad that the Blaze worked out really well for you. Sorry for the late post, but hope you enjoy! 😀

      • Of course compared to the old small SD`s with no legs and a minimum of mobility, today is just great. This is certainly progress, but I was a little upset that the latest SD`s turn out something like regression, compared with the models that I mentioned.