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    I know this isn’t about the show, but does anyone else think the recently announced “high-res” 1/100 scale Barbatos pricing is kinda wonky?

    It’s looking to be around 16,000 yen (cheaper PG Price) but not even a PG so i’m kinda confused.

    • If my eyes are right, i see some metal parts in the pre-assembled frame, so, yes according to that, it plays in Metal Build area, so is the pricing. I don’t know what Bandai is thinking by making us confused with all new lines in gundam IBO. Yesterday they say that RE-100 was revival of 1/100 no grades, now they making another 1/100 NG in IBO plus that High Resolution Model which is, if I’m not wrong, similar to Metal Build but with armor runners.

      • From what I`ve seen the IBO`s 1/100 are actual NG`s, but the RE line is like NG Plus line, since it`s more detailed.