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    KA Update:

    As promised, here is the head on mine. The eyes could have used more work, but it looks better from a bit farther way. Mind the blemishes on the finish too. Dust particles are nearly impossible to avoid in my room.

    Kinda reminds me of Ninja Turtles, haha.

    • It does kinda remind me of Ninja Turtles. I’m liking the color scheme more and more. The eyes are pretty intriguing and different. I’ve seen something like that before, I just cannot think of where.

      • Haha, so I’m not the only one who thinks of Ninja Turtles. I don’t know if it’s due to the sharp points on the head, but the eyes remind me of a bug’s.

        • Now that is unique. It reminds me of a hunter from Crysis 3 multiplayer.

          • I had to look up what a Crysis 3 hunter looked like and I agree, it does look like them, haha. Hopefully it all looks good when put together with the rest of the kit.

        • Nope definitely not the only one, it very we’ll reminds me of them too. Really loving the extra detail on the horn and visor two,I’m assuming you had to mask the visor part off?

          • Thanks, man. And nope, I painted the visor freehand with a size 0 round brush, then touched up the edges where the green touches. I find that applying the touch-up paint in quick dabs instead of small strokes is way easier.

            • I’ll have too remember that when I go to touch up my gm. That awesome you hand painted that though!

              • I’m amazed as well! Quick dabs should work really well for touch-ups, even if you use lacquer paints. This is judging by how thin such paint tends to dry. Tamiya acrylics are the same deal.

      • Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!

        I feel old. That said, a Ninja Turtle Kampfer has a certain appeal to it. 😉

        • I happen to remember that song, along with the music videos and the in-depth look at the animatronics used for the Turtle suits. Looked like a cyborg control suit inside, haha.

          I’m only a few colors away from a full-on Ninja Turtle Kampfer and I didn’t realize it during the color planning phase. Already got red and purple represented…

          • They’re reusing it for macaroni commercials complete with Vanilla Ice. I wish I was joking. Still I remember when that movie came out.