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    The next alley of parts on sticks.. Someone is on vacation in Gumplaland.
    This time its a MG Gouf Custom. The shading of the parts is hardly be seen in the pictures.
    • On the shield and the side piece of the chest shows the shading pretty well. Specially on the latter the shading looks really natural, like it’s from the lighting!!!
      Foto’s are always difficult to show subtle details…..
      Hope the Gouf likes his vacation 😀

    • Haha I think he does. Mine is over, sadly. I was a bit buggeling myself if i shall do a shading with pure white too, but the more I looked at it, the more realistic it looked. Especially the bright blue parts. I am still at the drybrushing part, what sometimes can be very timeconsuming. Results are quiet nice. Unsure is the amount of rust. At this state I always think i don’t want any, but if I start putting rust on it, I always overdo it. Who knows, what will happen this time.