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    A quick build while sick in bed. I am not exactly happy with the result, but I learned that I will never use Gundammarker for something serious. After first quiet good results, everything turned into a mess and in the end it also reacted with my acrylic topcoat. I was not far from throwing em into the trash. The kit itself was easy to build and a bit refreshing cause different. I wish Bandai would have used classic polycaps instead of the ones molded in PS.
    • Get well soon!!! Gute Besserung!!!

    • Thanks mate. I think I might be able to leave bed tomorrow.

    • Don’t feel to bad, i literally just learned about two weeks ago the same hard lesson about gundam markers + top coat = disaster. I normally paint stuff but i did a quick SD Gundam for my daughter and used markers for some quick detail. Top coated it, and it all went to hell….

    • I was surely confused, cause i thoght it was quiet common, that people pait Details with markers, panelline and put a topcoat on it. Even a relatively ‘soft’ acrylic paint was enough to solve it.