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    I like the idea of putting out easy kits from the more kidsrelated animes like IBO and BuildFighters and serious kits to the more grown up and darker Thunderbold. But why must they went directly overboard with the new MGs, that they become expensive and also expensive to ship. The full armored ok, but I don’t need this massive high mobile backpack of the Zaku, I just would love reengineered new MG mobilesuits. Sure its an impressive kit, but I am deciding against it, cause I would pay for to much stuff I don’t really want.

    • Sometimes less is more..

    • Simple and clean kit is nice. Like Gn sniper

      • Yes though i love ver.Ka. kits. It is nice that Bandai gives us a normal MG kit. Since then I’ll have meself buying each month. One or two of the 2013 MG kits, I do not have. It was one great year for MGs.

        • Your right. One thing i wish bandai would recreate MG kits and that is Gundam wing series. Since theyd already release Gn Sniper and Strike Freedom with the good Frames.

    • Buy or do not buy – there is no try… I like it but that’s just me…