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  • I guess a combination of design, dedicated development, distinct and high quality Vocaloid software and ever growing fanbase which keeps having an knock on effect.

  • Not gonna lie it was a bit of a hassle, but once all done its definitely worth it!

  • Ahh, sorry about that haha. She’s mine!!!! 😉

  • ヤバイ!

    Means dangerous or either awful / amazing.

    I got it from Fuji Rock last year from the Sony booth. I think its meant to mean that their Headphones are so amazingly good that its crazy haha.

  • Yea, Nendoroids are always cute, but this one tops it!

  • In this episode we take a look at the Desktop Real McCoy 06: Son Goku & Bulma. The 6th product to join the Real McCoy series by MegaHouse! The figure captures a memorable scene from Ep. 1 of Dragonball and we […]

    • Alex replied 2 years ago

      Wow! they’re both cool, but Bulma and Son Goku on the bike are incredible… Hope to win, cheers from Rome

    • Zyon replied 2 years ago

      Nice Hatsune Miku figure. It’s so cute :3

    • Really nice figures for display. I love Hatsune Miku nendoroid figures, might have to pick one up myself.

    • Nice, I like the son goku and bulma bike!! Thankks HobbyLink

    • Not into Voicaloids, but I’ll admit that that Miku figurine looks nice.

    • Really cute that Miku’s figure,that bike will be mine XD

      Great show!!!

    • That Dragonball figure looks great. Reminds me of the good ol’ days when the series wasn’t just a mix of clips of people screaming their lungs out and exploding everything.

    • Both are awesome but I’ve been a fan of the Dragonball franchise for many years and Megahouse is possibly my favorite toy company so i hope to win this, but that aside, i hope to see more great episodes.

    • o my god I need to get myself that miku! keep up the good work!

    • Gmmm replied 2 years ago

      That Miku Nendoroid is really cute. I recently got my first Nendoroid a few weeks ago and I love how detailed it is (733 Link). I will probably get a few more in the near future.

    • David replied 2 years ago

      Great video as always and if I happen to win… That would mean I would have to track down the rest of the set.. Oh the humanities.

    • well done guys, keep up the good work .. btw that Son Goku & Bulma will look fabulous on my desk at work 😉

    • Bee replied 2 years ago

      Oooooo can I call dibs? lol. The Goku and Bulma figure looks really nice.

    • Happy to see Toy tengoku is moving forward. It would be great if you considered reviewing bandai’s Chogokin toys and or Robot damashii’s. Keep up the good work! Fingers crossed I get picked for the DB figure.

    • Wow, that Son Goku & Bulma McCoy looks really good! Especially considering how underwhelming the kit version was (which was only single colored).

      Argh, I really want it!

    • Nice Dragonball figure, it resembles the Bandai model kit but it’s much larger and no painting is required.

    • I didn’t know that Toy Tengoku was back. Really going to miss Mardith and Robin but it’s also great to see some new hosts.I would love to win the real desktop mccoy for my sister who is a huge Dragon Ball fan.

    • Would love to display the bike next to my figure rise standard dbz kits.

    • I was thinking of getting the bandai mecha collection capsule bike but this might be nice since its already painted 🙂

    • Wow… I never thought this megahouse series would be this nice..

    • Juan replied 2 years ago

      Wow! Bulma and Son Goku looks nice!

      Do you plan making some Nendoroid reviews?

    • Bulma may be flashing herself, but better to do it with pants on than like she did for Master Roshi 🙂

    • Awwwwgh, for a second I thought that you would gave away the miku nendo, well, the bulma isn’t that bad anyway (actually I really like the original Dragon Ball design)

    • Dragonball is love. Dragonball is life.

    • Miku looks so cute, but that bow looks like a bit of a hassle.

      • Not gonna lie it was a bit of a hassle, but once all done its definitely worth it!

    • I really like the Real McCoy Goku and Bulma set, makes a very nice display piece indeed. As for the Miku, I think I will stick with my figma ver of her.

    • Enjoying the new video series. Helps fill the time between gunpla videos during slow times. Goku would look good in my display cabinet.

    • I keep all my figures in their display boxes because I don’t want any dust on them.

    • D: i would love this in my new home! nostalgic for me as ever! hope everyone the best and good luck to all attempting to win ^^

    • Hopefully, I will win that Son Goku and Bulma figures.

    • Ahhh Dragonball <3

      Also, I'd be torn between keeping that Miku in the box or taking her out to display. Such a shiny box! oOoOoo

      Also, really enjoying Toy Tengoku with the variety of figures reviewed. Between this, gunpla tv and David's random videos (curry, peach cola) I'm a happy HLJ'er 🙂

      • Thanks for the support, glad your enjoying the random episodes too haha!

    • I hope that I win that cool Son Goku and Bulma figure. it looks so nice! that Miku Nendo is too adorable as well

    • Can you explain to me why Hatsune Miku is so popular?

      • I guess a combination of design, dedicated development, distinct and high quality Vocaloid software and ever growing fanbase which keeps having an knock on effect.

    • What’s that text say on your shirt dude?

      • ヤバイ!

        Means dangerous or either awful / amazing.

        I got it from Fuji Rock last year from the Sony booth. I think its meant to mean that their Headphones are so amazingly good that its crazy haha.

    • The Son Goku and Bulma figure would be a great part for my collection. RNG PLEASE!!!!

    • Haven’t much had a collection of Dragon Ball figure.. this would be cool to add on my first collection on figure.. Been a model kit fan..

    • Im using the time extension. Dragon ball was so much more fun than Dragon ball Z. The Mikku is cute. Im glad some companies still include the fancy effect parts. Not like bandai who took away Turn-As Wings and made them pbandai :____D

    • Shogo replied 2 years ago

      This is really cool. Good luck all.

    • Lol i want it too please 😛

    • Really iconic scene – love the figure.

    • The Real McCoy Goku and Bulma is nicely done.

  • This week we take a look at another Hexa Gear release by Kotobukiya, the Hidestorm! With its 8 lusciously long articulated legs with menacing blades on the ends, this kit sure looks fearsome! Not to mention it is […]

    • Nice episode like always!

    • what a good bugboy!!!

    • jeel replied 2 years ago


    • Cutting too close to the parts and I gouge out the plastic in the parts a little bit (sniff).

    • Love this spider!

    • really looking forward to the upcoming hgac leo and rg tallgeese. Huge wing fan so I’m glad there’re getting the attention they deserve. hopefully bandai will continue making more high grade wing kits.

    • Sorry but that spider is a waste of plastic..

    • I want that certificate but I don’t know what to post, so here’s a sentence

    • let me win let me win let me win

    • Time to win something?

    • I have nothing relevant to say here…

    • Which gunpla are you waiting the most this year?

    • Caly replied 2 years ago

      Anything you can use there in Japan paint and glue wise, we can get here off of the net or locally. And why are you limited to 1 week you have spoken of a kit with 5 transformations that you have not finished yet.

    • I really want to try Kotobukiya kits, don’t get me wrong, I love Gundam kits, but hey, variety is the spice of life.

    • BNuts replied 2 years ago

      What’s everyone’s favourite build (overall)? Mine is the HGUC Sinanju with all of its detail, articulation, and awesome weapons.

    • Really liking the look of the new wing kits, hopefully they make some more. Great episode as usual.

    • Hey Lindsay beautiful as always,hey Todd cool as always. I’m looking forward to watching the new build fighters dive series and the gunpla releases.Keep up the good work like always guys bye!

    • I was looking forward to this kit and it came out amazingly well great show guys keep it up

    • They finally represented reconguista in G(bad storytelling,but their suits are “unique”) and Age series(seasons 1 & 2 were great,3 was meh…).Valentines,for me at least,is going to be spent on hours of cramming for tests;which gives mere more reason to stock up on chocolates for “brain food”

    • really looking forward to build divers! Im a huge fan of the build series.

    • MONEEHHHHH hoping for more robot spirits on toy tengoku!!

    • great show guys!! can’t w8 to see the guncannon. would never say no to 2000

    • I’d love to see some macross reviews! Also pre-ordered that Guncannon! I really can’t wait! It will be my first RE:100!

    • I can’t believe I won!! haha I wish I could get my hands on one of those posters 🙁

    • I want those Haros!!! Take my monies!

    • gotta say, that hidestorm gives me a ZOIDS vibe.

    • Hey guys, remember that Bugu you gave away a few episodes back? Well I customised it and wanted you to see it. Thanks for giving me the chance to build a model I probably wouldn’t get otherwise. BTW the audio is in portuguese but I added english subtitles.

    • Squid Fries?! How about sending some of them my way instead…?

    • I would love it if Bandai make some more MG 0083 kits!

    • I love the design of the hexa gear kits, I heard that they are planning on making it into a board game, can’t wait to see how it will turns out

    • Hoping to win the store credit! Great show as always!

    • While I’m happy to see divers redesign Age and G-reco kits the continued redesign of 00 2nd season and possibly Wakening of the trailblazer kits are even more exciting to me.

    • Todd takes the Kotobukiya Bionicle Challenge and wins! And no biology tips this week. Good show. Dear Bandai, an MG Zaku-06 (FZ?) 3.0 would be nice….maybe a Hajime Katoki version? Anybody? Bueller?

    • The day robot spiders become common on this earth is the day I sneak abort a spaceship and leave the planet.

    • These Kotobukiya kits are nice but this kit looks like it would take up a lot of space for such a small kit!

    • This kit is a bit like the Sentinels from Matrix.
      You will talk about the “re-releases” of Mega Man 1/10 series by Kotobukiya?

    • Keep up the good work guys!

    • I haven’t heard much about Hexagear outside your show but they look pretty good!

    • New RE kit!

    • Definitely looking forward to the new Build Divers series and more gunpla kits from it. Also gotta get an orange Haro…Lockon Stratos style! Thank you Lindsay and Todd for GunplaTV! Really enjoy seeing Lindsay on both HLJ shows! She’s the face of HLJ!

    • Looking forward to build divers!

    • It’s look like lego bionicles.

    • whats the lucky number to win the hidestorm, can it be this number >>

    • Pink Gundam for Valentine!

    • I like the Guncannon Detector looking forward to a review of that kit. Looking forward to Build Divers curious what other custom kits will turn up in that series as well as any cameos.

    • I’m looking forward to your next MG kit review, it’s been a while…..

    • I don’t understand the YouTube comments complaining about not covering enough gunpla or spending too much time on Kotobukiya and other brands. I personally appreciate the variety as I build frame arms girls, FMP, Macross and others. Love seeing new things that can peak my interest. Keep up the great reviews and variety guys!

    • I have recently watched the Build Diver prologue episode and I really like how Bandai is starting to include the MSs from more recent series. I am hoping this can be a chance for lesser know MS to make the spotlight. What are your thought?

    • That Hexa gears looks great like a spider with long leg. Daddy long leg spider

    • That thing looks like a robotic face hugger.

    • Roses are red,
      Violets are blue,
      That 2000 Yen you said,
      will look good in my HLJ account too

    • Its always good to see Koto kits on this show. That Guncanon looks super neat.

    • that Hidestorm looks freakin fantastic! i just don’t get it why they name it Hidestorm. it’s not like it can hide anywhere looking like that.

    • Great videos, I’ve been watching for a while but I just got an hlj.tv account. I was wondering if there was any chance of you guys covering the Dragonball figure-rise standard kits, I understand that it isnt mecha but I was just curious since they are Bandai kits.

    • pt25 replied 2 years ago

      more interested in hexa gear now

    • Would also love to see some Macross reviews. Keep up the great work.

    • Need 2000 yen to fund the HG Leo army. Each week is like giving out 2 Leos.

    • I see potential for a custom build with this thing, i think ill grab one when i come up with an idea for it

    • Interesting hexa kit, but not my cup of tea. Thanks for the review.

    • The Hyde Storm is definitely an impressive kit, it’s just got so much presence and parts separation, and looks so cool, not to mention that sweet purple colorscheme. I heavily dig it, definitely contender for my favorite Hexa Gear.

      RE/100 Guncannon Detector surprised me so much but I was excited from the moment of announcement. I love the Guncannon Detector but never thought it’d get a kit, but low and behold, RE/100’s MS choices never, ever let me down. I love obscure MS like this, and the Guncannon Detector os one of my favorites, bless this grade.

    • Hopefully, I will win that 2000 yen store credit.

    • The design of the Kotobukiya Hexa Gear Hidestorm looks exactly like a spider.

    • What do you guys think of that giant transforming Unicorn?

    • Hi good folks
      Can I ask if their is any news on the Haro versions that are coming?

    • Zyphr replied 2 years ago

      Hexa gear looks cool, but the re 1/100 tho. Gun cannon detector, way into left field for me. Did not expect that. Still waiting for re 1/100 leo so mg tallgeese won’t feel alone, wing gundam has his 4 man army, so why not tallgeese and his leos? could be as cheap as the HG, since it looks really simple for it to be $8 aprox. But that gives it, it’s appeal. Simple.
      OZ-06MS Leo, Still In Planning?

    • I hope the Gundam Build Divers will be good

  • Gunpla = Giant Voodoo dolls haha.

  • Yes, all the HLJ team went to see it on the opening day. Some questionable moments but overall a great film.

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