• DarkRecon posted an update in the group Group logo of Canada EH?Canada EH? 7 years ago

    Hey Guys, I’m from Vancouver and pretty new to Gunpla. Is there any place locally that is a good place to buy kits from? Thanks

    • HLJ.COM! =) if you really need to get your gunpla fix in a jiffy, crystal mall near metrotown has a store called toys planet that you could check out!

      • Thanks, I actually found it yesterday around their closing, I’m going back today to pick up an MG, still trying to decide between the Strike Noir or the Destiny Extreme Burst. but looking at the prices HLJ would be a few dollars cheaper so I’ll be doing that from now on. thanks again man

        • Yup, HLJ’s prices are better if you’re getting a few kits at the same time. For just one kit, the shipping and taxes make the local stores relatively cheaper (if they have the kit that you want). You could pool your orders with your friends too!

        • You’re welcome! I’m always happy to help!