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  • Darien posted an update in the group Group logo of Master Grade DiscussionMaster Grade Discussion 5 years, 1 month ago

    Hi, I would like to ask for sword impulse mg, are there water stickers? Or will it be dry stickers??

    • Hi. It will be dry stickers. Only on newer kits, and not often, you’ll be getting water slides. And mostly on Ver. Ka. editions. There are of course options to get water slides if you prefer them. Maybe Bandai them self will have them, just try on HLJ. Or you could get some made by SamualDecal or make them yourself. But the kit contains normal stickers

    • Cause mega size rx 78-2 has water slides as is not very new either…. So sword impulse has only dry stickers which is transparent and ready to stick right?

      • yep transparent stickers and dry rub on thats usually the case for mgs the only reason mega size is water slides is becasue its mega size there arent that many of em so im gunna asume bandai said y no plus waterslides are usually the better decals so bandai would obviously think hey more money when ppl can buy em separately

      • all MG except ver ka are all use transparent stickers and dry transfer..I dont think Bandai ever released sword impulse waterslide

        • they did they released sword impulse waterslides

          • Just realize that Bandai did released it long time ago..but been discontinued for a while..if they ever released it again I would buy one since I’ve the MG for a while in the box unbuild

    • Aww man, alright. Thx guys