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    Hi guys, I’m new to airbrushing and have been watching a lot of tutorials and some people use air dryers for paints and coats.. is it a bad or good idead I’d like to know your opinions.


    • There is nothing wrong with using a hair dryer for speeding the process of drying a layer of paint. There are a few things that have to be taken in consideration. Make sure the fan and its internals aren’t covered in dust or any other foreign objects as they will blow onto the model/piece.
      Be mindful that if the piece is very wet, you might cause the paint to start flowing and getting wrinkles in it. The air temperature mustn’t be too high, as it might melt the plastic. Anything too hot for your skin is bound to be too hot for the plastic.
      As it’s a great way to get a faster drying time, letting you handle the model quicker or spray the next layer on quicker, there is a big difference between “dry” and “cured”. Although the top layer of the paint is dry, this does not mean the other layers of paint are too. Please handle the piece/model with care, as any too hard squeezing can leave finger prints, or when laying against something may cause “dents” in the paint.
      In other words, if you keep this in mind, there is nothing wrong with using a (h)air dryer.
      Good luck and happy building!