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    1/100 gusion
    A little work on the waist. And I’ve added thrusters and gun barrels to the body
    • IT is really coming together pretty well. I think I have to get one of those fattys too.
      What have you used for the chrome and gold?

    • I used Alclad II polished aluminum and polished brass. I added stainless steel and brass metal parts

    • The shiny stuff on the hipjoint is Alclad? Is it alcohol based? Have you used a special surfacer for it? it just looks like it was purple before.

    • Most Alclad paints are lacquer based. They have some enamels in their range, mostly the clear paints and they have a water based clear gloss.
      They high shine paints from Alclad need a black gloss (white seems to work to, so I’ve seen that is) base coat. If this base colour is sanded and buffed before applying the main coat, the end result will be even more shiny.
      If you haven’t had a go at Alclad, I can highly recommend it, if lacquer based paints aren’t an issue for you.
      Their primer is great too!

    • I used Aclads polished aluminum on the hip joint. I used their gloss black base first, then cleared it with Alclad’s aqua clear

    • Ok the usual gloss black primer. I have several chrome and silver colors, but am not absolutely sattisfied. I have seen Alclad high gloss clear used in several plamu tsugurou episodes, but never this polished aluminum. I hope i can get it in germany.
      Du you spray a thin or thik layer? like a glosspaint, creating a single surface? Or do you even use a brush? How does it behave? Usually you need it kinda thin so that the pigments can align propper, which can be tricky sometimes.

    • I use an airbrush. I spray the gloss black base coat, let it dry overnight. Then I lightly spray the aluminum, it will start to look like metal after a few passes. I let that dry overnight as well. You have to use the aqua clear. If not, you loose the metal effect. It will look like a silver paint

    • Ok. I think I will do some testseries with combinations of different chrome and clear paints. Never thought about the clreargloss to be the most vital component. Always tried to get the finish out of the chrome/silver itself.

    • You need to use a gloss black first for alclad to get the most reflection for the shiny metals. I also have a powder you wipe on a glossy blue to get a polished stainless steel look