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    Hello there experts! Apologies if this has been asked before but how do you paint missile pods in High Grades, those that are molded together? I know it can be done by hand painting but I’d like that to be my last resort. I’m currently painting with spray cans.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately hand painting is the way to go for this, unless you want to do a coat of the missile colour then mask each individual missile and paint the base colour over the rest. (or visa versa)

    • Since HGs mold that in one part, hand painting would take way less time for a great result.

    • Looks like handpaiting is the way to go. Thanks for the input!

    • not sure how good reverse wash would work on this but you can give it a try. soak the cotton buds more than what you’d do for a proper reverse wash with the sinanju, for example. this way, the the paint kind of flows down to the base of the pods a little easier and reveal more of the missile pod heads.

    • It would be tedious but you can use you spray cans. But there still be masking to do and some hand painting. I don’t know if the missile bays and armor parts are separate and if that’s the case you want the inner part of the missile bay a different color then the armor parts. If that’s the case, some more masking must be applied.
      Either way, I’d go about it in this order:
      First spray the part in the color of the armor part. Then mask the upright edges in the missile bay and the flat edges of the armor parts itself (hope this makes sense, don’t know how to describe else).
      If you want the inner part of the bay a different color, only mask the flat armor pieces, then spray the color you’d like the missile bay to be. Then mask those upright edges.
      When all is masked, spray the color you desire the missiles to be.
      When all is dry, take the spray can that you used for the color of the missile bay and de-can it. It is as simple as taping a straw to the nozzle and spray the paint in a jar or cup. If this went well, the paint should be really thin, if not, use some appropriate thinning agent to thin the paint some more.
      Now you can use this paint and a brush to do a “panel wash” (since there are no panels, this isn’t really a panel wash). Just load up the brush with paint and touch the bottom of the missile bay with the brush, careful not to touch the missiles themselves. The paint should flow around the missiles, leaving the missiles in the desired color and giving the bottom of the missile bay the color you want.
      This is the only way I can think of that minimizes the actual hand painting you need to do and lets the paint work for you.
      Hope this helps out. Good luck and happy building!

    • Assuming you are only talking about that one piece without attached to anything
      1) spray the whole piece the color for missiles heads
      2) use thinner to thin down the missile base color
      3) wet the missile base
      4) pour (drop by drop) thinned base color on the base. make sure the piece is flat
      5) let it dry

    • This ‘wash on steroids’ type of technique will be definitely useful on the pods for the Lightning BWS as it is a separate piece. However, it will be more difficult for those in the HG G-Self Assault Pack as it is one solid cavity.

    • Thanks for the quite detailed explanation. It really gives me a better picture on how to approach this.