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    My just now completed model of the M9 Gernsback. First time handpainted.

    • i keep telling myself to ship it but i keep forgetting xD
      will try and remember to add it into the recent package from HLJ i plan to get…

      • It is a really inexpensive and simple model, but it looks nice. What a pity that the Arbalest and Falke from the same series are discontinued on HLJ.

        • I don’t know why I can’t reply to the comment you posted a moment ago so I will post my reply here. I’ll PM you the video when I’ve done it.

    • This kit has some serious holes in it. Did you fill them up or just leave them?

      • I left them because it would somehow disturb the appearence of this particular model. Anyway it would be too much trouble to fill them (and a lot of putty!).

        • You’d be surprised how little putty I used, it’s more a case of sanding it down and getting it even. I won’t know I’ve succeeded until it’s primed. I’ve taken some old thrusters of an NG 1/144 Gundam Wing kit and added them in one of the holes. I’ll finish it after my Shiranui.