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    Hey guys, I’ve been building Gundam models for several years now and I’m looking at getting a zoids kit. I’m trying to decide between the Highend Master Blade Liger AB Bang Ver and the Highend Master Liger Zero Jager. Suggestions? I’ve built HGs, MGs, and a PG in Gundam so I’m farily confident in my model building ability.

    • They’re both great kits. I’d say go for which one you like more. I will say if you get the Jager, you can always buy the other CAS armor sets and you can switch between the Panzer and Schneider if you want. The Blade liger Bang ver comes with some nice little figures, with a zeke figure and a zoid core with zeke melded to it.

    • I also recommend the Liger Zero. It is a easier kit to build than the Blade Liger.

    • with experince building Gundam kits in all grades you will be fine with a kotobukiya kit, Just be aware the kits are not as tight as Gundams are. some fits may not be perfect and I would also recommend you have some cement handy. not sure if there is anything else I need to add… Have fun?