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    WIP — MG Sazabi Ver Ka

    The silver inner frames aren’t shinny enough so I spray it with shiny silver. Looks much better! The amount of runners for this kit is ridiculous. I need to find a place to put these so I have room to work lol

    Also, I just finished one foot last night. Took me about an hour an a half just for one foot! It’s huge though! It’s as tall as an RG’s knees.

    • Left – After
      Right – Before

    • Turning out really nice! Good luck in organizing all the runners. LOL

    • Very nice and shiny. It should stand out nicely next to the reds.

    • Looks great! It’s near the top of my must build list for sure.
      I cut pieces of old runners into hook shapes and use them to hang runners of the kit I’m working on near me. Saves space and allows easy viewing of the runners while you build.

    • @TheDeadComet, what a great idea! Do you mind if I use your idea?

    • I usually look through the manual to find out which runners I need for the specific part then I only took those out of the pile.

      I have to try your method sometimes, maybe on a smaller kit since this MG has A LOT of runners. I don’t feel like filling my room walls with runners lol

    • Go for it. Works for me. I’l twist up a long piece of masking tape or use a string and pin the ends somewhere and just hang them on it. Doesn’t take much space. Ends up kinda like shirts hanging in a closet.