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    First time I am doing a serious panel line.
    Lesson learned. I should have panel line before I assemble the pieces. Luckily this is a small piece.

    • Had the same problem with my first RG some places were really tricky to panel line after assembly xd

    • This might be a case where panel lining with a wash would be easier than using a pen.

      • I have used a wash before but it causes my parts to break. Not sure what is the reason.

        • I can see why you wouldn’t want to try it here then. 🙂
          Here’s the thing: assembled kit parts are under stress. Snap-fit pegs lock together with tension, polycaps are held in place by tension, etc. Exposing the stressed plastic to too much of certain chemicals can weaken it slightly, enough for that tension to crack the parts.
          In the past I’ve run into this with a product called “Easy Lift-Off”, which is used to remove paint from parts. (I think it’s basically enamel thinner)
          If you were doing an enamel wash on bare plastic, and spread too much enamel thinner on the parts, it could cause this problem.
          Applying a clear gloss coat to the model before applying a wash can help protect it from the chemicals used in the wash. It may also be a question of applying the wash more sparingly. (If the idea is just to panel line with the wash, you can just apply small amounts directly to spots on the panel lines, and let capillary action draw the wash along the line. This approach minimizes the amount of wash you apply, and minimizes the amount of clean-up you need to do.)
          Another possibility would be to use an acrylic wash instead of enamel. It doesn’t work quite as well (from what I understand – I’m actually kind of bad at washes. 🙂 ) but there’s very little chance of acrylic paint, water, and dish soap causing any damage at all to your kit.
          If you’ve had problems with washes breaking your kits, then, yeah, it’s best to sort that out before you try a wash on something like a RG…

          • Wow. Very detailed! I was thinking the same.
            Anyway… I am psychologically unstable to attempt any panel wash. For now, I will stick with my panel line marker, cotton bud, toothpick and eraser. They are much safer. :p

            • Understandable, after having a model destroyed by a wash!
              But when you’re ready to try again, get a cheap kit to experiment on, and let me know if you have any questions.

    • On my first RG I used the grey sumi-ire pen that came with the basic gundam. It wasn’t too difficult. Once I started using the actual lining pens, it was a bit easier on RG’s. I’ve had about a 50/50 success for lining on and off the runner. Sometimes you just gotta judge what is best for each piece.