• Clovistwilly posted an update in the group Group logo of What are you building?What are you building? 8 years, 11 months ago

    I am going to commence this NOW!
    Ordered my Full Burnern via HLJ but processing for it to be shipped is taking tooooooo long hence I got the Zephyranthes from a local hobby shop.

    • Nice one bro… knowing local prices you’d probably should have waited lol… the worst is probably a week’s wait… RGs on average costs S$26-28 from HLJ (shipping included) compared to around S$40-42 at the local shops. Anyways, have fun building!!

      • Can’t be $26-$28 when 2000yen is around S$26. That is before shipping charges.
        I got my Zephyranthes slightly below S$40.

        • Yea, my mistake… that was for an RG Zaku II I got from another site. It was on sale. Yea, I checked my past records… Average RGs abt $32-33. But yea, I understand how you feel… sometimes I’m at Hobby Pt and I’m dying to get something but have to endure. I gather you bought it from HAG/HAW?