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    I gotta say fellas I’m having some doubts in my abilities and being in the advanced group. I’m planning on making special beam blade effects similar to the crossbone’s muramasa blade. The gaia-like wing binders just turned out a bit thick. Also the left shoulder is loose even after switching out the polycap, so I tried putting a bit of super glue on the ball joint so maybe that’ll help. I’ll be adding rotating guns onto the shield where I drilled holes. Any C&C is always welcome.

    Also, should I make one of the skull’s teeth gold?

    • It’s looking good – are you planning on painting?. And is it going to be fresh-off-the-line or weathered?
      Are you in a position to scribe some extra lines on the more plainish of the panels – if weathered they should look good even without more lines – if freshly painted look they might look a bit monochromatic and flat. You can still put very subtle highlights on the edges and such even if freshly painted – just tint your base color with maybe 10 to 20 % white or mix with a lighter red or orange something in the same family on the color wheel.
      I don’t know if you plan to disassemble if you paint but you can also do contrasting tints on different body – like the lighter and darker panels I see on Sinanjus and Sazabis. A lot I think will come down to your paint plan.
      I like weathering because it hides a lot of small issues and mistakes…and helps with realism.
      Also you can paint a slightly darker tint in the deeper parts to bring out the depth even for non battle damaged – just be cautious of using straight black – you might want something like paynes grey.

      Just my opinions as food for thought – don’t want to suggest that this is the only way to do stuff…

    • And at the risk of too many opinions – I wouldn’t panel line with black – again maybe grey?

    • I’ll be doing it fresh in a light green with dark green as the secondary, ivory highlights, dark gray frame, and metallic details. I’m going to try preshading for the first time. I can scribe but I was also considering adding detailed pla plate on those flatter areas the way I added details to the surface of the wing binders. I have a paint plan worked up that I’ll post in my next WIP. I’m not sure if I’ll panel line with black but I think it might look best with greens I’m going with. I’m still on the fence about decals or not.

    • sounds very cool – I’m interested to see that color scheme. I see a lot of models especially VerKa that have a million decals – not sure that I’m a fan. I’m going to do at least one that way but I really don’t see the reason to have quite so many. I think a few decals, especially well places decals, can add to it. Each decal I do seems to take like 5 minutes…

    • My colors are based of the Liger Zero Panzer. I might do some stripes or some other patterns by cutting masking tape. I’m a bit worried about clutter since this is a HG. Any suggestions for types of decals I should go for? I’m on the fence on whether I should include any “technical designations” like letters and numbers, or if I should just go with some kind of animal motif symbol.

    • Benzaaaaaaaa!

      > I’m having some doubts in my abilities and being in the advanced group