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    So my Birthday was on Friday and the whole weekend became one long celebratory affair. The highlight though was Saturday morning, when my roommates took me to the local anime store (Wiz knows which one :P) and told me to go crazy until I hit the my allotted spending amount. So my backlog has grown (again) XD
    • Looks like that will keep you busy for a while, and belated Happy Birthday wishes.

    • Happy Birthday! You have a good Gunpla but an even better set of friends 😛

    • Happy birthday man!

    • happy beer day chapel! or born day if you don’t like beer lol. those are some good friends you got.

    • Happy birthday. Got yourself a mighty fine haul too.

    • Beer is a vital mainstay and called “Talent Juice” in the circles I mingle with XD And yes, they rule. I think one though is riding the euphoric high of her recent promotion and that’s why this wound up happening. Not that I’m complaining, lol XD

    • Many happy returns. And fine Gunpla choices!

    • Yeah, although most of them are familiar territory for me. I already helped build an HG Sengoku for a friend, I actually still own my MSiA Sazabi, and the Spiegel is only unique in a cosmetic sense, since all the Fighting Action MG’s share the same internal skeleton. The only one that’s really “new” is the Geara Zulu, which I look forward to pairing up with my revised Rozen Zulu.

    • Happy late birthday. Great kits. It’s nice to see something from G Gundam. You usually don’t see those kits around these days.

    • Yeah, BanDai was really kind to the G-Gundam fans early by giving us 4 of the most important kits in MG form, but it would be great if they’d give the other Shuffle alliance members some needed HG love on the 1/144 scale, or at the very least make a 1/100 Rising Gundam since it already shares many of the parts with the MG Shining >.>