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    So, I think I might be over-extending myself here just a TINY bit:

    – Working on the KA build
    – Joined a Build Fighter Cosplay group for MegaCon 2014. Have to put together a Julio Renato costume and build/paint a K9 before March 21st
    – Have to build/paint a Star Build Strike for a friend in the same groupwho’s going as Sei
    – Stupidly agreed to build/paint an Ecto-1 kit for a girl who my friend said was into me, but isn’t.

    Any takers on when I’ll snap?

    • Damn man. You’ve taken on a lot of stuff. The fact that you haven’t already snapped, means you have made it farther than I would. I would have already of had a mental break down.

    • I’m betting on you snapping while you’re working on the Renato costume or the K9. Events with deadlines are usually pretty stressful, haha.

      On a serious note, that’s a ton of work you’re burdening yourself with. If you manage to pull through for each one, I’m not surprised if you’re going to take time off from anything related to Gundam or model kits.

    • the KA can be put on the back burner since the group deadline was just for the sake of having a deadline. same goes for the Ecto-1 kit, if shes not into you put it on the back burner LOL! i’ve never done a cosplay or any costume creation before so my bet is for snapping point sometime between the k9 and star build strike haha.

      • Squee replied 9 years ago

        Agreed with B6. If she’s not a close friend, just some girl who isn’t into you, fuuuuuck that, make that your last priority.

        • Why even make it a priority at all?

          I say screw that, you got so much to do and they likely won’t appreciate the work your gonna be putting in so why bother

          • Lol, you guys are cold… But you’re right XD

            I’m definitely slowing down on the KA to make sure the Build Fighter kits are ready. As for the Ecto-1, that may very well be the one I go crazy with. You build Japanese kits for so long, you forget how meticulous they can be in comparison to other companies. I have to scratch-build some parts to make the kit accurate to the movie specs, and thanks some frighteningly shallow panel lines, i have to fix some awful scratches I made trying to score them deeper.

    • Oh man, I cosplayed once as Kirito, creating the Elucidator before people picked up on SAO & Before the release on Western TV/Cartoon Network and it was a blast. (Sword Creation; & (Actual Cosplay; Sad since you can’t see the full thing 😐

      & those enough we’re a bitch and I can’t even imagine having all the things your currently doing…

      I so wanna cosplay as someone from HGBF ;__; ugghghgh godamnit.

      • thats pretty cool man

      • On the flip side if you do a good enough job on the girl’ skit you might be able to pull a Ricardo Fellini… 😀

      • You should come down to Orlando for the convention! We still need a Mao!