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    AHHHHHHH, GM Sniper K9 is in stock now! Sooooo many deadlines >__<

    • I’m still waiting on ggifinite to ship my kampfer, I’m starting to get a little ticked. They where supposed to start shopping them Friday,I’ve yet to get a shipping notice.+ the only shipping option was 2-3 day priority so I’m out 15$ on shipping. Going to call tommorow and see what’s up if I don’t get a tracking number by 5:00 today this is bs IMO

      • I’ve never actually dealt with GGInfinite, but I know your pain. My MG Astray Noir has been en route to me since the end of last month, and despite having a tracking number, I have no shipping status updates on the tracking info. If I don’t see a progress report by the end of the week, I’m going to write to the seller

      • I’ve heard plenty a bad experience regarding GGInfinite though I personally haven’t ordered from them.

        Though ModelGrade has been phenomenal and I’ve ordered twice from them but both over $150 for the Free Shipping. Customer Service is A+, I had to do a couple of item switches and was short a couple dollars but the owner was very helpful and willing to work. To make-up for the delayed shipping (By about 2 days) he included 12 Gundam Campaign Cards in 1 order. I heavily recommend them.

        Also GundamPlanet is the bees knees. Customer Service is also phenomenal, they respond quickly to e-mails and I mean quick(like 30 minutes) and we’re totally helpful to me (Bought my 1st Kit which I haven’t even built yet lol MG Strike Freedom FB) and held a conversation for awhile about which kit I should build 1st, etc. I’d recommend both of these sellers. (Oh and I also got a Gundam Catalog for ordering over $100 + Free Shipping at $95 is kickass).

        • I have two of those catalogs lol. I love gundam planet, every issue I’ve had has been corrected immediately. I”m pretty much just going to order from them. I’m not too impressed with ggifinite right now.

      • I’ve bought multiple high-price items from GGInfinite and they always pulled through, no damaged goods or BS with shipping. However, they love to not include the tracking number on the shipping confirmation so I always have to hunt it down myself.

    • I’ve ordered from GGinfinite before and hadn’t had a problem. They did take their sweet time shipping out my Stein when I had it pre-ordered. But that was about it.

      • Last summer, GGI’s mail system went down which caused all sorts of problems, other than that they’ve usually been pretty good. HLJ and Gundam Planet are still the best though.

        • We’ll I just got off the phone with them and I’m actually impressed,nice guy on the phone, the preorders came in late Friday and he said that there working on getting them all out. Said there were three different models they had to deal with but my order should be shipped late today or early tomorrow. Lot of hateful reviews out there about them so I’m glad there extremely polite if not a bit over talkative over phone.