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    Hey. A friend introduced me to Gunpla and I recently acquired seven models all HG. They include Banshee Gundam, Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode, SD Lightning Gundam, Hi-Nu Vrabe Gundam, Zaku Amazing, Kampfer Amazing, Seven Swords /G (I think this is what it is called if it isn’t please let me know). Got tips or any comment free to share me. Thanks senpai!

    • Get yourself a good pair of side cutters and a design knife and enjoy yourself. Building Gundams is a lot of fun and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment with each kit you finish.

      • and if you don’t want to paint your kits, a nice spray of matte top coat works wonders in making the kits less toy like. just make sure you shake the can well.

        to add to Syd’s comment on feeling of accomplishment. for me since I like to watch the anime aswell,. I love posing the finished products in their iconic posses.

        Welcome top the hobby, im sure you’ll enjoy yourself!!

        • I second the recommendation for a good matte top coat, if the kit already comes with a healthy amount of decals (detail stickers) it really helps “seals them in” so to speak which looks way better as well.