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    • I just saw this kit the last time I was in my local hobby shop, I regret not buying it now.

      • I had fun building it and like how it looks. I would just say that if you buy it don’t expect the transformations to be all that great. I was a little disappointed in how it transforms. I plan on leaving it in fighter mode for display. If I build more Macross kits I will probably do one of the single mode (fighter) kits.

        • I remember back then seeing the Robotech series growing up, I much prefer the mech form/shape of the Gundams compared to the Macross kits. But saying that though, I LOVE the fighter mode and the Gerwalk(?) mode.

    • Nice work!!!
      I cannot agree more with you, the macross trabnsformable kits are not that great, don´t get me wrong, it is an awesome gimmic, and there are some great works like yours out there, but this beeing a model kit, transformation is almost useless because of the damage the decals or paint will take, also, it sacrifices alot on how the model look specialy on jet, because of the gaps between pieces and as a plus, single mode kits like hasegawa do a nicer and finer work on the details and decals.