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    Hiya, aircraft people! Brian from Boss Builds here.

    I thought ya’ll would get a kick out of seeing this super-high-speed build I did last week…a wee bitty 1/72 Mastercraft Hobby Kits MiG-21 for my 3-year-old son. I literally slapped it together, rattle-can painted it (a whole 2 colors!), and marked it, all in about 2 hours. I think the paint was still tacky and the decals still wet when I flat-coated it… that’s probably where those funky spots on the left wing are from. No seam-filling, no panel-lining, no fit-tweaking, nothing…Heck, its life expectancy in the hands of a 3-year-old is only a couple of weeks anyway. I did take the time to shave off some pointy bits here and there, for safety’s sake.

    It was a very rough little kit, so the bad fit really shows…but my son doesn’t care about the flaws. He’s been having a ball zooming it around all over the place. No crashes yet. Yet! It was great fun, though…he sat with me during the entire building, painting, and marking, and seemed thrilled by the whole process. This was the kit:

    Pretty rough out of the box, but I could see that a decent model could be made with enough effort. Not 2 hours of effort, though!

    Anyway, have a chuckle at a 2-hour, no-stress, carefree build. With all the great builds being shown here, a little comic relief is a good thing!