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    Aaaand the Hulk is done!
    Please check it out here:

    • your build is way better mate. a lot more realistic than the pre painted version. and the base you did is great. simple yet effective.

    • Your color scheme is definitely more realistic. I know what you mean about getting to “good enough” with at a kit. I recently did the same thing with a Hasegawa Macross kit. After removing all the seam lines, I was left with the task of redoing all the panel lines. I hit the wall and just say “meh”.

      • Yup! What’s the old saying? “An artist must know when to put down the brush.” Or in our cases, when to just say, “meh!”

    • *salue* You sir have finally convinced me that I need an airbrush. Fantastic job.

      • Highly recommended! While it’s not impossible to get great results without and airbrush, I personally could not have done what I did here without one. Plus, you can mix the colors exactly as you want them, use different shades, and basically have 100% control over what you’re doing.