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    The new Build Fighters is up and running on Gundam Info’s YouTube channel. I hear that there’s a new opening.

    • Another silly episode. Nice to see the MK II again though. I liked the appearance of the Mercurius too.

    • I liked this episode a lot more than the last one, still waiting for the K9 to be featured….

    • Just saw it. That director is a big pain in the butt. Looks like Reiji will finally get his hands on him on the next episode though. The qualifying rounds were pretty wacky, with the exception of the aiming one. I have to say, Reiji/Sei’s opponents during the race were rather nice-looking.

    • Watched it last night, was a decent episode. I gotta give kudos to Ral, glad to see he stepped up to defend Sei and Reiji. I’m also hoping that Reiji gets his hands on that director. It’s about time someone shut him up.

      Also, I like the video for new the entrance, but I don’t like the song. The 1st one was much better. And this new ending, I don’t like it at all.