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    I have heard that Topcoat makes panel line markers run. I am currently at a loss what to do for panel lining besides enamel wash. Suggestions?

    • Flat top coat then panel line I have no idea just a guess.

    • Gloss topcoat is very smooth, so paint applied on top can be wiped off pretty cleanly if it hasn’t dried yet.
      Flat topcoat is very rough (that’s how it produces its diffuse reflection) – so anything you apply on top can settle into those recesses, and will actually be hard to remove.
      For panel lining, a gloss coat is usually preferable, because it’s easy enough to leave the paint undisturbed in the recesses of the panel lines, and you want it to be easy to clean off any excess that winds up elsewhere on the part.
      A flat coat would capture the pigment better – but that works against you if you need to remove any excess.

      • Thanks, but that’s not what I was asking. Did your panel line markers run when you flat coated them? Thanks.

        • I’ve had this happen to me before. I normally top coat, panel line/decal, top coat again. The main thing, if you want to skip the first layer of top coat and panel line straight to plastic, is to make sure the markers are 100% dry and 100% cured. Let them sit for a while just to be extra safe. Patience is key. Just my two cents.

        • Point is, nothing’s gonna “run” on a flat coat. It sinks in and sticks. But that can be a bad thing, too…