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    I have mixed feelings about this kits. A part of me is saying “Why another MG RX-78-2?” and the other part of me is saying “Sweet! I get to have 1/100 scale version of RX-78-2 statue that’s in Odaiba!” Anyways I pre-ordered this kit and the expansion pack. This will be interesting build.

    • I preordered the kit too. However I’m still torn between ordering the bonus pack or not.

      • I orderd it cause this is my first mg and I want it done right with all bells can wait for the end of August

        • I have so much stuff waiting to come back in stock so I’ll have to be careful how I balance my money, hence why I’m hesitant of ordering this. There’s a second batch coming by the end of september, might go for that instead of the first. It’ll probably be like that.