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  • Blue Comet posted an update in the group Group logo of Master Grade DiscussionMaster Grade Discussion 3 years, 11 months ago

    What are you guys’ thoughts on MG RX-78 Gundam (The Origin Ver.)

    • I quite like it, it reminds me a lot of the Ground Gundam/EZ8. I probably won’t be picking it up at this point though, as I’ve already got the RX-78 2 3.0.

      • Don’t you think we’ve got enough RX-78-2 now though? I mean we have the 1.0, 1.5, Katoki, One Year War, 2.0, 3.0 and now this.

        • Well, each RX-78 2 has it’s own style so when you look at 2.0 being anime style and 3.0 being new engineering in realistic design and proportions then that’s okay. Katoki has his own special design and I kinda think of this Origin one as a 2.0 to that one.

        • Even though I love the RX78-2, I think it’s normal that people get tired seeing so many reiterations getting released. But at the same time it was to be expected because of the release of the Gundam Origin show.

    • definitely going to get it..now I m concentrating on collecting all version of the RX-78-2..I hope they do the Zaku II 3.0

    • The unpainted prototype could be either the RX78-02 or the RX78-01 Test Type that used this equipment setup when it intercepted the platoon of Zakus that infiltrated Side 7 in chapter One (page 45), wiping out the platoon in chapter Two by shooting one at close range (page 49) which rips a hole open in Side & flushed it out into space so that Amuro could climb inside the 02 Prototype in Chapter Three (page 116).

      The 02 doesn’t use this equipment until chapter Two of the second Aizouban (page 67) where you can clearly see that it is a separate backpack that is slightly thinner than the regular and has three verniers. The photo of the back of the MG appears to be the regular backpack with a Beam Sabre swapped for a Mortar Cannon which is slightly disappointing. However here may be additional parts that Bandai haven’t shown yet, such as the smaller Core Fighter.