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    Hi there guys.

    Im from the U.S would like to take the punge into airburshing gunpla kits. So I got a few questions for you guys.

    What airbrush kit do you guys recommend to start out? I live in an apartment complex with roommates so something doesnt make that much noise would be good. I have budget of $100-150.

    Also whats a recommended site to get paints from and accessories?

    Thanks for the help in advance hope to hear from you guys

    • The Iwata neo is a good first brush. They can be found for $40-$60. I wouldnt recommend those really cheap $20 you see on ebay, they are the lowest quality and break quickly.

      As for a compressor, one of those “master” brand compressors from amazon or ebay is about the only one you’ll find in your budget unless you buy used. Its very quiet so it shouldnt be a problem with roommates. It does get kinda hot if you run it for more than 30 minutes, so be sure you let it cool if you get one.

      If you decide to get something else, stay away from anything made of plastic. A “dual action” “gravity feed” airbrush is preferable over a “siphon feed” or “external mix” brush. Some compressors you find are made for construction or inflating tires. These will be incredibly loud, and identifiable by them boasting a max PSI over 80 (you only need 12-20 for airbrushing)

      • Sorry for the late reply but thanks for the tips. I appreciate it. Also is it better to build the gunpla first and then break it down to do the priming or do it by sections.

        • I always break down a kit 100% before painting.

          • Ok got it.

            Also Il be painting in an aparment complex outside in the a small balcony. Would I need a spray booth? Anything else you would recommend getting?

            • Get some alligator clips and bamboo skewers, makes for easy parts holding.
              just be careful not to get any paint your balcony, or you might not get your deposit back.