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    Xero113 – More purple Exia pics. It’s not completely finished, no decals, panel lines or matte coat.
    • Looks sick man, Never been a fan o purple but that just wow ya know. Great job though

    • great paint job, Blindman.(diggin’ the purple) – and great collection… which is why I want to ask- is it possible to make the perfect strike with the skygrasper attachments? I know you can attach them individually but I haven’t seen a pic with a RG strike as Perfect Strike (I have the strike and want to make the perfect strike but i’d rather not buy the skygrasper if all the extras can’t go on the strike at once)

    • great paint choices for the frame! What kind of colors did you use for the frame

    • I messed around with mine, and yes, all the accessories can be mounted to the strike at once, but stability is a problem. Things kept falling off each time I added something new

    • All of the frames on my kits are done with a variety of Alclad II metals paints over Alclad II black primer. I believe I used Burnt Metal, Dull Aluminum, Airframe Aluminum, Polished Brass, Titanium and Copper on the Exia frame. BTW, these are all airbrush only colors, they won’t work as a brush paint.