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    We’ll try that again
    • Very nice collection and puts my collection of gentei RGs to shame. I dig the green destiny and the blue exia is quite nice as well. Is that the deactive strike freedom in the back?

    • Thank you. Yeah, it’s a deactivate freedom with the entire internal frame done in alclad aluminum with clear red over it and red panel lining.

    • I saw the red and i started to scratch my head thinking, “wasn’t the deactive a silver frame?” looks amazing though, great job on it

    • I wanted to keep the limited kit colors with a bit of personalization.
      The exia is still waiting for finishing touches. Neon green panel lines…

    • I really like the Purple Exia there, if it is exia since i cant make the photo any bigger to get a real good look. Nice collection over all though.

    • Thank you! I’ll post some pics of just the Exia.
      It’s going to be a bit, but my next major RG undertaking is converting the GP01Z into the AGX04 Gerbera Tetra. That’s going to take some doing….